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Yeah!Chinese!(Books 1-20) series are completed!

Dear Valued Customer:


After two-year effort, Yeah!Chinese!(Books 1-20) series are completed!


Yeah!Chinese! is designed for 3-8 year-old children learning Chinese as a foreign language. This series uses story to teach children Chinese, which can help them learn quickly and efficiently, and cultivate children’s multiple intelligences at the same time.


Adopting a cyclical arrangement, a total of 20 books are divided into 2 phases.

Phase 1(Books1-10) provides a solid foundation for the study of Phase2 (Books11-20). After completing this series, children will be able to use approximately 300 Chinese words.


Besides, this series includes textbooks, big books, teacher’s guides, flashcards, masks, digital resources and demo class teaching videos.


For list of free online resources and access authority, please click here:


For sample pages, please find the book you are interested and click blue button Text View in PRODUCTS in our website.


For downloading guide of the resources, please click here:


We plan to offer more free online resources in the future, please check for our updates.


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Thanks for your attention.



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